Words have wings, from here to the future

Words are a way to make a dream come true. I would like you to learn the languages ​​of various countries, get your wings, and fly towards your dreams.

 On this site, we support youths who learn foreign languages ​​throughout exchanging useful information with those whol goes for studying abroad or working holidays in the future, and those who have experience with them, or improve their skills in language examinations. 

You can meet foreign native speakers and find a language exchange partner who can teach each other's  native language, and  you can discover a lot of new things by teaching your native language.

Language study is also step-by-step. Building friendship is also apply for it. I would like to play a role in studying languages ​​and open up circles of friends all over the world, and cherish your life like a bird that flies around the world and freely wanders the sky. 


すべての出会いに意味がある。 あなたの人生が世界一の物語でありますように。