Mami (Language exchange)

I wanna make friend! Nice to meet you.

Language exchangeID e16
Address Fukushima Ward, Osaka 
Age 32
Occupation Businesswoman
Tel xxx-xxxx-xxxx
Mail xxxx@xxxx
Other ID (KakaoTalk etc)  No
Self-introduction I wanna make friend! Nice to meet you
Nationality Japan
Tutor experience (Years) No
Tutor level Beginner
Preferred lesson area In Osaka City
Preferred area (Line)

JR Osaka Loop Line

JR Kobe Line

Subway Metro Midosuji Line

Subway Metro Yotsubashi Line

Preferred lesson place remarks  
Transportation expenses Negotiable
Language I teach Japanese

Language I teach 


Language I want you to teach English

Language I want you to teach


Lesson place At cafe 
Requirement towards language exchange partner The opposite gender is ok
Preferred lesson day

Mon. afternoon / afternoon / during night

Tue. in the morning / afternoon / during night

Wed. in the morning / afternoon / during night

Thu. in the morning / afternoon / during night

Fri. in the morning / afternoon / at evening / during night

Sat. at evening / during night

Sun.  in the morning / afternoon / at evening / during night

Preferred lesson day remarks  
Hobbies Riding a horse, Playing golf
Japanese level Advanced
How to contact LINE
Academic history High school graduated
Qualifiction No


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