Mai (Japanese tutor)

I'm Mai living in Osaka. Let's enjoy having conversation together!

Tutor ID t30
Address Takatsuki City, Osaka
Age 21
Occupation Businesswoman
Tel xxx-xxxx-xxxx
Mail xxxx@xxxx
Other ID (Kakao talk etc)  Yes
Self-introduction: I'm Mai living in Osaka. Let's enjoy having conversation together!
Nationality: Japan
Tutor experience (Years) No
Tutor level: Beginner level
Preferred lesson area

Osaka City

Takatsuki City

Preferred area (Line)

JR Osaka Loop Line

JR Kyoto Line

Preferred lesson place remarks  
Experience lesson expenses 0yen
Ordinary lesson expenses (per one hour) 2,000yen
Transportation expenses Negotiable
Language I teach Japanese
Lesson place At cafe
Reqirement towards language exchange partner Only for same gender
Preffred lesson day

Mon. at evening / during night

Tue. at evening / during night

Wed. at evening / during night

Thu. at evening / during night

Fri. at evening / during night

Sat. in the morning / afternoon / at evening / during night

Sun. at evening / during night

Preferred lesson day remarks  
Hobbies Playing tennis
Japanese level Advanced
How to contact Mail
Academic history University graduated
Other comment  



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すべての出会いに意味がある。 あなたの人生が世界一の物語でありますように。